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Star Anise's 'Refer a Friend' reward program

For details on how you can benefit under the Star Anise referral program, please follow this link


The following words or phrases will apply in this section. 

Client: a client of Star Anise or, where the referral relates to an employer with whom Star Anise has not worked together then, a prospect client of Star Anise.

Friend: a friend or personal contact of yours whom you refer to Star Anise pursuant to this program. Such person may either be a job hunter or is an employer/authorised representative of an employer and is seeking to fill a job vacancy at their organisation.  

in writing: includes the printed form, by email or other digital communication form ordinarily used by Star Anise or their employees from time to time.

Referral: an introduction of a Friend to Star Anise which leads to either Star Anise placing the Friend on a job assignment, or to Star Anise filling a vacancy for the Client, and “Refer” and “Referred” shall be construed accordingly.

Referrer/you/your: the person making the Referral pursuant to this reward program.

Star Anise/us/we: Star Anise Limited, Hong Kong. 


1.  In order to be eligible for a reward under the Star Anise 'Refer A Friend' scheme, the following terms and conditions shall apply.

2.  Your Friend has expressly consented to your making a Referral to Star Anise.

3.  Any conduct or omission of a Referrer that damages the relationship between Star Anise and the candidate or the Client will render any potential referral reward null and void.  

4.  A formal introduction must be made in writing to Star Anise, attaching a copy of the CV (in the case of a candidate) or a direct introduction in writing is made to the hiring manager). You can email us at, or to one of your existing contacts at Star Anise.

5.  No reward will be granted where your Referral creates a breach of duty or law by you, the Friend, Client or any other person. If a reward has already been conferred, Star Anise reserves the right to recover the reward in cash from you together with all other liabilities including costs, professional costs, charges and other expenses in the recovery of such sums. By way of example, if you use your position within an organisation to make the Referral, and that action causes you to be in breach of contract with, or breach of duty to, your employer.

6.  Alternatively, there must be an express acknowledgement or consent, in any case in writing, from the Friend that you were the Referrer.

7.  For a candidate Referral – he/she must not have registered with Star Anise or communicated with a team member of Star Anise in the preceding 12 months of the referral. 

8.  For a Client Referral - the Client must not have used Star Anise’s services in the preceding 12 months of the referral.  

9.  The value of the referral voucher is determined at the complete discretion of the directors of Star Anise, and will vary depending on the:

  • functions/qualifications/title of the role
  • seniority/pay scale of the candidate
  • length of the contract, and
  • successful completion of the probationary period.

10. The Client must have paid their fees in full to Star Anise in respect of the placement to which the Referral relates before a reward can be determined.

11. The candidate must still be employed by the Client at the expiry of the probationary period, and must not have already left their new employment, tendered their resignation, or been dismissed from work during that time.

12. You are the sole source of Referral or at least the first source of Referral.  If for example, you Referred a candidate/jobseeker, and another person Referred an employer to Star Anise, we may determine to split the reward, if any, and in whatever proportion we deem fair.  

13. You do not induce either the employer or candidate to terminate the employment contract of the candidate.

14.  Risk in delivery of the reward is passed to you on making payment of such reward. Star Anise accepts no liability for any loss (including loss in transit), delay, expiry, non-validity or damage to the subject of the reward.

15. This Referral program is not open to any current employees of Star Anise.

16. The directors of Star Anise may at any time request any additional information from the Referrer or Friend (as the case may be) to satisfy themselves that a genuine Referral has taken place.

17. The scope of reward under this program is entirely discretionary. For example (without limiting to the foregoing), the amount of the reward and whether to reward a retail coupon at all, is at the director of Star Anise’s sole and unfettered discretion.    

18. To the maximum extent possible, Star Anise accepts no liability whatsoever for any liability, costs, charges or expenses in connection with this reward program.

19. Upon satisfying these conditions, you will be notified in writing by Star Anise to select and collect the reward.  If you fail to redeem the said reward within 30 days of being so notified, the reward will be absolutely forfeited and you will have no further right to claim any reward and Star Anise shall be fully discharged from any further obligations to provide any reward whatsoever.

20. In the event of any dispute, these terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, Hong Kong laws, and you shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.