Get to know your recruiter: David Ly

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DatePosted on July 23, 2019 at 03:42 PM
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Ever wondered what your Star Anise consultant likes to do in their spare time? In our 'get to know' series, you'll get to see another side of us!  In today's edition, introducing David Ly!

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I am a Consultant in Star Anise, focusing on the recruitment of mid-level in-house qualified legal positions (typically 4-7 years of post qualified experience). I work with companies from a diverse background, including real estate, F&B, FMCG, Financial Services, Banks, Fintech and other organisations.

David shows he's a dab hand at craft, at a Star Anise team building event!What are the top 3 things you love about work and about what you do?

I enjoy meeting new people and reaching out to different clients and candidates, bridging the connection and help them to find a really good match. I also like to learn more about the legal market and sharing that market knowledge with people I work with. I love how this role is not the same everyday, which makes it both a real eye opener  and challenging at the same time. 

How would your colleagues describe you?

A strong team player, I'm always aware of my surroundings and I like to work as a unit with my colleagues. I think they would also describe me as a person that often thinks outside the box due to the different career backgrounds I had before joining recruitment. It allows me to think about things from a different perspective.

What do you like to do to unwind outside of the office?

I love cooking! Vietnamese, Chinese and French desserts are my specialities! I also like to explore new restaurants and bars in my free time, and I've recently discovered an interest in archery. I've attended a few lessons to experience this new hobby more.

Just another day out at a conference with Chris and Candy


Favourite restaurant and food

Westside 11 (Mexican restaurant and bar in Kennedy Town) or places that make great pizzas!


Muse is probably my favourite band, and I am into EDM music too.

Holiday destination


Biggest Pet Peeve

I like to be organised and will often pre-plan things, so queuing and waiting are definitely my biggest pet peeve.

3 items on your bucket list

  • Getting a motorcycle licence
  • Buying a motorcycle after getting my licence
  • Travel more and exploring the world!



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