At Star Anise, we strive to match outstanding talent with new and exciting job opportunities.

We listen to candidates’ aims and aspirations, and continually seek to help candidates develop their career. Our role, as recruiters, is to put in the 'ground work' to match you to the best available job opportunities on the market.

Obviously, there needs to be a few ground rules, so in consideration of your registering as a candidate and having the opportunity to work with one of our expert recruiters, you are deemed to agree to the following terms.

A.  Helping you 

Our service to you is completely free of charge you, the candidate.   Save where expressly stated, the positions and type of work that we are seeking on your behalf will be full-time, permanent posts.   This means that the successful candidate will be contracted directly to the employing firm or business.  The terms set out on this page are supplemental to the main terms of use of this website. 

B.  Applying for job vacancies

1.  The job description and any salary indication set out in our job postings (either on the Website or in any other advertising or published media) is a summary of the role. Such information is intended only to be a guide and not a full description of the role.  Instead, such details will be revealed in more detail as the interview process progresses.  Salary ranges stated in each job post are based on the prevailing market salary ranges for the level of skills and experience expected for the role advertised.  As such, they do not form an offer, promise, guarantee or a contractual right to the candidate.

2.  Your most recent CV/resume is always the starting point for discussion.  If you are considered suitable for a role, a Star Anise consultant will arrange a meeting with you to learn more about your work history in more detail. We appreciate you have a  very busy schedule, however, this is often a contractual requirement of ours to our client, the employer.  Before they shortlist you on their list, they will be keen to know more about you when we discuss your CV profile with them.  You should therefore treat the meeting with a Star Anise recruitment consultant as part of the formal assessment. 

3.  We will only submit you for roles after we have assessed your suitability and having consulted with you on the role. We will never reveal your identity to anyone without your consent.

4. In addition to your CV/resumé, certain employers may require additional information or documentation to be submitted at the outset.  These could include copies of your academic certificates and transcripts and your professional certifications. You agree to provide these on a timely basis as and when required.

5.  In consideration for the service we provide you, the information on our clients we provide to you shall be treated private and confidential by you at all times and shall not be disclosed to any third party, including your peers and other recruiters.

6.  There will be occasions when you may decide to stay where you are or you have moved on from your current job through other means. We treat our relationship with you as a long term one, and in order to help you in the longer term with other job opportunities, it important that you provide us with updates form time to time. We would be happy to receive an updated CV from you periodically (every 8-10 months) so we can see how your experience is developing and to give you guidance on your career choices.  By reviewing your experiences on this basis you won't have to struggle to remember notable achievements if you decide to move jobs after staying with the same firm for 4 years or more. 

7.  If at any time you become aware or you feel there is a reason of any circumstances arising which would affect the interests of you, Star Anise or the client in accepting a job offer, you should notify us without delay.

8.  You are responsible for ensuring that all the information that you supply to Star Anise is true, complete, and up-to-date and not misleading or likely to mislead, and that the information is not discriminatory, offensive or otherwise illegal, unlawful or in breach of any applicable legislation, regulations, rules, guidelines or codes of practice or the intellectual property rights of any person. 

C.  Verification and other information  

1.  As a professional, you will be familiar in your career with the KYC (Know Your Client) file opening procedures to verify the identity of a client.  Likewise, we need to carry out a similar process for you as part of your registration and job application under Hong Kong’s labour laws. These include your providing your legal name, residential address and national identity card or passport number.  These will be used strictly for the registration process and will not be divulged to anyone.

2.  If an offer for employment or other engagement is provided by a client employer, you will need to provide any documents or information the client requires to satisfy their due diligence process, including certificates, referee contact details and sometimes even reference letters. 

D.  Our role  

1.  Star Anise's primary function is to act as a facilitator between a prospective employer and you, as a prospective candidate.  As such, we are under no obligation to find employment for the candidate. 

2.  Our aim is to continually delight both employers and candidates alike with our service delivery and quality.  Should you have any reason to make a complaint, you may do so in writing to a director of Star Anise.  We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within a reasonable time and in any event no later than 10 working days.   If a fuller investigation is required (e.g. speaking with third parties), we will inform you of this initially, with an estimated time to complete our investigation and deal with your complaint. 

E.  Exclusion 

1.  An offer of employment will only be made after written confirmation is received from the client employer and you are responsible for the manner and timing of resignation from your current role.  

2.  We neither accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage suffered by a candidate who has resigned from his or her current position (whether before or after receipt of the client employer’s written offer), nor for any loss or damage suffered as a result of a client employer withdrawing or revising the offer of employment at any time and for any reason. You agree to hold Star Anise and its employees harmless against any claim you may have in relation to either your exit from your current organisation or joining a new employer.