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Senior management: building your success from the top

The range of our clientele is as wide and diverse as they come. With our experience, we can design and implement a succession plan for your business and provide expert guidance on the type of profile that you need to hire. 

C-suite Executives

Given the wide range of clients we serve, we are able to provide both traditional styles of candidates for senior management positions as well as candidates who you would never have thought of because their expertise lies in a different industry. Occasionally, senior lawyers (partners in firms and heads of legal) and accountants (in private practice and in-house) are interested in senior operational and management roles and these can often be very hard to find without the depth of resource and knowledge we have.

This approach allows clients to think outside the box when it comes to hiring a CEO, CFO, COO, Non-executive Director or other senior manager.

For a confidential discussion on your hiring needs, please contact Chris Tang on +852 2810 9078.