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In-house legal recruitment made easier for you

With over 18 years’ in-house legal and professional recruitment experience, our consultants have become the ‘go to’ search and selection experts for many employers. 

Most companies don’t have to hire lawyers and other professionals on a regular basis. The simple fact is, there isn't a need to hire that many because such positions are so specialised as well as highly trained and skilled.  

So on the rare occasion when a vacancy does arise, you are probably working from a limited pool of talent and can see little of what's available in the market. By working with Star Anise advisors who are experts in this field, it gives you the assurance that you are fully informed of the market trends in movements and salaries at that time, and your requirements are met when the hiring need arises.

Getting results together

Our expert consultants maintain a close working relationship with our clients at every step of the recruitment process. In addition to understanding the culture of the team, the organisation in which it operates, the relationship of the team with other teams, as well as the overall strategy of the business, we undertake the search and screening process, then manage the interview process and offer stage, through to ensuring smooth on-boarding.

Our clients

The range of our clientele is as wide and diverse as they come. This is because companies of every nature will need to hire in-house legal, finance, support and executive professionals. Employers know that we are in tune with the market, what industries or professionals are hot, what's not, and what are the prevailing rates of legal related professionals.

By working with us, you will have a highly credible and professional partner to assist you in your search.

From our experience, we can also design and implement a succession plan for your business and provide expert guidance on the type of profile that you need to hire.  

Our clients include:

•  Banks and investment banks
•  Hedge funds, venture capitalists and private equity firms
•  Conglomerates and multi-national companies
•  Listed companies
•  Start up, fast growth and established technology companies
•  Telecommunications and media companies
•  Insurance companies
•  Professional services and consultancy firms
•  Hospitality, gaming, hotel and leisure companies
•  Entertainment companies
•  Food and beverage companies
•  Luxury brands, apparel and fashion accessories companies
•  PRC mainland firms
•  Supply and logistics, transportation and airline companies
•  Manufacturing companies
•  Wholesale and retail companies
•  Real estate and construction companies

In-house counsels

No longer just the preserve of the biggest companies in the world, more and more companies are finding the benefits of hiring a full time commercial lawyer to support their business operations and growth strategy. 

In many cases, it is critical to hire someone who can fully understand the business and can foresee challenges that lie ahead and plan to mitigate risk and damage.  In-house lawyers have an active role to enable businesses to grow and be available immediately to tend to any legal or compliance issues. 

For the larger corporate clients there is often room to hire a General Counsel or Head of Legal to oversee all the legal and compliance functions (regionally or globally) within a vast organisation.  

The attributes you are seeking in an in-house lawyer will differ from a private practice (law firm) lawyer and our detailed understanding of your requirements and experience of placing candidates in-house will help us to find an outstanding fit for your organisation.

Corporate governance and compliance

Ensuring compliance and transparency in how a company’s business is conducted is a mandatory requirement that is increasingly being monitored from different stakeholders of a business. 

With our in-depth knowledge of the market we assist companies in the search and selection of the following profession at all levels

•  Company Secretaries (with listed company, multi-national or private company experience)
•  Compliance Professionals
•  Risk Management and Corporate Governance Professionals
•  Forensic accounting, Fraud Investigations and Internal Audit

Our expert recruitment advisors will guide you on the key skills sets and attributes that you need to look out for in candidates.

Take control of your recruitment process

When you need to fill a specialised position, recruiting can be an unhelpful diversion of your valuable time and resources. 

So let us take the weight off your shoulders. Our pragmatic and pro-active approach will ensure that your recruiting process goes as smoothly as possible and that you will reach a practical and long term solution faster and more efficiently.  

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to build or expand your legal team, please call Annie Tang on +852 2810 9077 or Chris Tang on +852 2810 9078.