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A Law Firm mindset 

Between our founders Chris and Annie, we have lived and breathed over 20 years of law firm life as practising lawyers across both ends of the globe. So, not only do we know the challenges you face and the opportunities you wish to pursue, we've felt it too.  

And through our guidance and training, we instil this mindset amongst our very own recruitment consultants, laying the very foundations on how we work closely with you. 

Attract outstanding talent

No two law firms are the same.  It’s what gives your team and your law firm its own unique charm and character.

Our approach is to work closely with key decision-makers in your firm to identify exactly what qualities and attributes make your law firm outstanding. Further, we listen to and understand what attributes you need in the talent you hire.  This makes you distinct from your competition and helps us to attract the right long term talent for your organisation.  

The foundation of our relationship with you

Key to a successful relationship with you is adopting a pro-active style of communication based on our core values of mutual trust and integrity.  

By collaborating together we become an added, but different, element to your marketing, HR recruitment and PR team. We stay 'close to the ground' and operate ‘under the radar’ of the media to:

•  cut through the general noise of industry gossip
•  champion your firm to prospective employees and partners, and
•  generate excitement and 'buy in' towards your firm’s vision for the office.   

If your Managing Partner has a mission statement, let us shout this from the rooftops for you!

By knowing the people who work at your firm as well as your firm's structure and culture, we can present your organisation in a fair and responsible manner to prospective joiners.  This is the very foundation for outstanding employees to excel and thrive in your organisation and maintain a long term outlook.  

In short, we manage all parties' expectations. 

A recruitment service for fee earners and support staff

At Star Anise, we source candidates across the full breadth of disciplines, regardless of the vacancy.

We have worked on and placed positions at all levels of fee-earners including:

•  Partners
•  Consultants/Of Counsels
•  Associates and Registered Foreign Lawyers
•  Foreign Legal Consultants
•  Company Secretaries
•  Paralegals

For non-fee earner support roles, we have worked with firms on the following:

•  CFOs, Heads of Finance
•  Finance
•  COO,Office Administrators and Office Managers
•  Human Resources
•  Attorney Recruitment and Graduate Recruitment
•  IT Heads and IT Services 
•  Translation Services
•  Business Development and Marketing
•  Compliance
•  Legal Secretaries and support team supervisors

Before you commence your search, talk to one of our expert recruiters first to discuss your needs. With our consultants here to listen and understand your needs fully, we can be at hand to provide the full complement of services for all your hiring needs and at all levels. 

For a confidential discussion on your recruitment needs, contact Chris Tang on +852 2810 9078.