Personal information collection statement

1.  Purpose 

1.1  In order to facilitate the recruitment process, there is certain information relating to you (commonly known as "personal data") which we need from you.  The personal data is collected for the purposes of aiding the recruitment process. 

1.2  Under no circumstances will we use this personal data for any purpose other than to facilitate and manage the recruitment process.  So, for example, we will not sell or distribute your data, or allow others to use this, for marketing or other purposes.  

2.  Your submission of personal data

2.1  Your submission of personal data to us is voluntary. Such data includes your academic and professional qualifications and work history. However, because the recruitment industry is regulated under Hong Kong employment laws, certain other personal data is needed be recorded in our candidate database to ensure our compliance with these employment laws. 

2.2.  Such information includes your full name, your ID card or passport number and residential address (Employment Ordinance, section 56), as set out below. 

2.3  Whilst your submission of your personal data is voluntary, if you delay or withhold such information, we may not be able to assist you in your application.

3.  Use of personal data  

3.1  As dedicated recruiters, the use and retention of personal data is to help facilitate the recruitment process, namely:

  • to collate, sort and maintain personal data in an orderly fashion; 
  • to conduct an initial review of your suitability for jobs, to learn about your skills and experiences and your career goals; 
  • to handle general and specific enquiries you raise;
  • to process and manage your application;
  • having discussed specific job opportunities with you, to discuss your profile with employers;
  • to assist with the interview process and to manage enquiries from employers; 
  • for verification and security purposes (e.g. reference or background checks); and
  • for compliance purposes. 

3.2  We are both an equal opportunities employer and an equal opportunities recruiter.  Discrimination based on race, colour, ethnicity, sexual preference, national origin, gender identity of expression, disability, age, pregnancy or religious beliefs present both unlawful and immoral challenges to equality and basic human rights.  In both our internal and external recruitment processes we adhere to both the letter and spirit of commonly adopted equal opportunities laws and encourage the promotion of diversity in the workplace. 

4.  Sharing of personal data 

4.1  We will only share personal data with prospect employers in order to facilitate your recruitment as well as to those third parties who assist us in undertaking administrative functions (such as our vendor database and website provider and independent reference checking agencies, each of whom also adhere to duties of confidence). 

4.2  The protection of your identity and personal data is upheld with the utmost importance.  Your personal data is treated with the strictest confidence. We will not disclose your identity to prospect employers without first consulting you on the organisation and the role.  

4.3  In some rare circumstances, we may not be able to disclose the name of the organisation until you have been shortlisted and invited to an interview because the recruitment is confidential.  If this arises, you will be given the opportunity to decide whether or not to proceed with the application.  

4.4  In any event, we stress with all our client employers that your application is treated with the strictest of confidence and discretion.  

5.  Access to personal data 

Under Hong Kong’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance you have a right to access your personal data that we hold at any time by written request, as well as request a correction of any inaccuracies to your record. Written requests should be made on the prescribed form given by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and addressed to:  

The Personal Data Officer 
Star Anise Limited
21st Floor
Pearl Oriental House
60 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong

Or a scanned signed copy (from the email address registered with us previously by you) and sent to:

6.  Declaration by job applicants  

By submitting your CV/resume to us, you declare and agree that:

1. you have read and understood the above Personal Information Collection Statement (the “Statement”); 

2. you authorise Star Anise Limited to process, review, store and handle your personal data for the purpose set out in the Statement; and

3. the information you provide is complete and accurate at the time of submission and in order to facilitate future job applications you will provide any updates or amendments to your work history and job status.