6 Ways Star Anise promotes Workplace Wellness

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DatePosted on October 06, 2022 at 10:30 AM
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Employee wellness programs are intended to improve employee health and morale as well as to reduce stress levels. Star Anise is pleased to prioritise employees’ well-being through promoting a healthier work-life balance. To celebrate World Mental Health Day (10 October 2022), Star Anise has introduced five wellness initiatives to support team members. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle culture in the workplace, these initiatives have helped to keep employees engaged and to improve their productivity. 

Our Press Team shares some initiatives Star Anise has adopted:

1.      World Mental Health Day 
Star Anise is participating in a series of activities in the week of World Mental Health Day which is on Monday 10 October 2022. Activities include group participation in arts and crafts, head and shoulder massages/yoga, beach walks and wellbeing talks. Through these activities, employees are given the opportunity to rest and recuperate and to come back to work invigorated with renewed energy and motivation.

2.      Weekly Yoga
Star Anise organises weekly Yoga in the workplace.  The practice of yoga enhances mental agility, resulting in better executive decision-making and creativity. 

Are you stiff? Do you have back pain? Yoga practice may be the solution to helping you to achieve your career goals and remain happy and healthy at work.


3.      Team Lunches & Happy Hour
Our team organises regular social events such as a team lunch or happy hour drinks which have the following benefits: breaking down social and cultural barriers, team bonding, increasing motivation, and encouraging diversity and inclusion. It is a good chance for team members to interact with one another socially over some good food and drink and in a relaxing environment outside of the office.

4.      Happy Friday!
Star Anise has recently launched a pilot programme to enable all employees to finish their work week early on Fridays. Once they’ve cleared their desk for the week, they can choose to go home early, meet friends, go to the gym, or whatever they wish to do and enjoy an earlier start to their weekend!

5.     Internal Training and pastoral care
Learning and development is an essential part of career growth and creating a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our in-house and private practice teams undergo weekly training programs where our leaders share their extensive experience in the legal recruitment industry and mentor the team. In addition, senior managers hold regular 1:1 meetings with individual staff to encourage them to talk about anything they wish, any issues or challenges they have at work or in their personal lives, without judgement or fear of reprisal.  

Engaged teams have been proven to outperform competitors in categories such as productivity, profits, and staff retention. As with everyone else, our employees have been under considerable strains caused by the pandemic and economic recession. Instigating a comprehensive and every growing employee wellness programme is one of the ways in which our Managing Directors seek to support them.

6.     Flexible work hours
Based on the survey, nearly 55% of the employees voiced the importance of having flexible working hours and a work-life balance. Flexible work offers a variety of benefits for businesses, from recruiting to improving diversity. 
Our team can choose which days to work from home. The management of our company has also invested a lot of time and effort into designing a work environment that promotes the cognitive wellbeing and stimulation of its employees.

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