How Diversity & Inclusion is alive and kicking at Star Anise

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DatePosted on April 04, 2022 at 03:16 PM
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In a recent online article in People Matters Global magazine discussing how employers can adopt campus best recruitment practices to encourage diversity, Beatrice Redgrave-Scott shares insights from her own experiences working at Star Anise on how the company is already championing diversity in both its recruitment strategy and its day-to-day work practices.    

What does diversity and inclusion mean to me, being an employee of Star Anise?

Working at Star Anise, it is clear that our team is not only diverse in terms of nationality, but also in gender, age, belief, and in other dimensions.

I will explain and provide examples of how our Company encourages the ‘best practices found within the article, and how these practices not only create social benefits for our team but also creates productivity gain as a byproduct.

Initiative 1: 'Hire for the mindset and develop the skills'

The first initiative emphasises how the hiring of Gen-Z employees goes beyond their degree, and recognises how CVs/resumes received from fresh graduates of today are more versatile in their skillset. This is an important point that should not be overlooked when making hiring choices. 

The article states that with the growth of technology, it is not uncommon for fresh graduates in 2022 to have ‘self-learnt coding when they were completing a business degree or started their e-commerce side hustle as a self-employed entrepreneur’. This demonstrates that the talent pool is not defined by degree but of mindset.

Being an employee at Star Anise, it is clear our team come from a variety of educational backgrounds, yet the other ‘unconventional’ skills further add a dimension of creativity and originality when troubleshooting problems. Skills including artistic, tech or design skills, thus such soft skills and mindset enable the team to work more dynamically are and 'part and parcel' to this work ethic are down to the hiring of the mindset rather than for the degree.

Initiative 2 ‘Be accessible in all forms’

Perhaps this is a sweeping statement and currently difficult to apply in light of the pandemic. However, the article emphasises how ‘Gen-Z values physical connections just as much as other generations do…. Therefore 1:1 coffee chats and in-person drop-in sessions continue to attract younger employees.' 

Based on my experiences from being a member of Star Anise, it is clear that our company hosting ‘TGI Friday events’, a mid-week 10-minute yoga session, and our directors regularly checking in on our wellbeing seems somewhat the norm and I am grateful to be a member of a team which emphasises the importance of employee welfare.

Initiative 3: Demonstrate diversity in all interactions

The final core initiative focuses on the execution of diversity in the workplace, and that employers need to do more than talk about their commitment to diversity but actualise their mission and vision statements. The reason for this is that graduates of 2022 tend to ‘do a lot of research before applying so it is critical that employers use every potential touchpoint’. In my experience, before applying, I searched Star Anise’s Instagram and Facebook page, googled the background of the Company and Directors, searched the CSR charities of interest. The research showed the Company participating in LQBT events, TED talks, beach clean-ups, art jams and so on. My impression was ‘wow this is great, I want to be a part of a team like this!’. Thus, the research, images, articles demonstrated ‘diversity in action’ rather than relying on the words on the website.

Overall, it is clear that diversity is an important and integral part of the employee selection process! Thus, being a part of a team of dedicated hard work members from diverse backgrounds allows Companies to thrive, in other less quantitative means! I am grateful to be part of one of such Companies!

To read the full article please follow the link below. The above passage relates to my experience as a new joiner at Star Anise. I hope it provides insight and assistance for fresh graduates when choosing their future employer. 

About the writer: 

Beatrice Redgrave-Scott was a member of the in-house legal recruitment team at Star Anise in 2022. She graduated with an LL.B from the University of Leeds, England and the LL.M from Chinese University Hong Kong. 


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