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by Kully Jaswal - Guest Contributor in Articles

DatePosted on March 14, 2014 at 12:05 PM
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Have you been wondering what it would be like to wake up and jump out of bed for an exciting day at work or the thought of not even considering your job as work as you love it so much? Some people have been lucky enough to find their dream jobs and passion in life, but for others they believe it will be only a dream. 

If you are experiencing any of these emotions lately, here is some food for thought and tips on how you can work towards making those dreams a reality too. It is common for many people to end up in jobs which have no connection with what they really love, their passion, or even what they studied at university. These can be related to unexpected or unplanned job opportunities and some end well and some do not.  For those that believe you can have it all one, here are some tips for you to take some 'baby steps' towards making your dream career come true:

1. Visualize Your Dream

It’s not enough just to think about your dream career. Be creative, write about it, draw it, paint it, sketch it – which ever works for you. Think about the details, how will it look for you, which location, who will be around you, what will your business card look like – your title, logo, who will be your customers, suppliers, what will your day look like. This is your vision in shape, colour and form so keep this safe and continuously add to it as you develop your thinking. Never give up, the more you think about this the more you will focus your energy on making it happen.

2. Develop Your Skills

What skills do you need to make your dream career come true – education, learning, training etc.? How can you start to build those blocks to develop the necessary skills? Can you do voluntary work? Can you gain some experience in your current company? Can you change jobs/careers to gain some relevant experience? Can you study Part Time? Continuously think about relevant skills in your current company or outside of work that will support you in your dream job. You will need the skills so work on it. 

3. Build your network

Write down who you know that can potentially help you with this move - think of family, friends, colleagues, associations, mentors, everyone in your network. Start to use LinkedIn to build your network in the relevant sector. Research which organisations hold the relevant events. Start to build your network by attending relevant networking events. Make a list of the people you would like to meet to support you with the move. Very important job opportunities come from personal networking, so make those connections now.

4. Make a plan

Create a plan – a dream will only come true if you create a plan, with clear action plans of the steps you need to make. Create a short, medium and long term plan. Where do you want to be in 6-12 months, 3 years and 5 years from now? What are the steps you need to take to implement the actions? Think about the vision, skills and network you want to develop.

A dream without a plan is only a dream, so get into action now.

“If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” (Walt Disney) 


About the Author

Kully Jaswal - Guest Contributor

Kully Jaswal is a Career and Executive Coach who has supported many people - from graduates to executives - to change jobs and build successful careers they love. Kully is passionate about assisting individuals and teams to maximize performance at a personal and professional level.

Having been through her own career change, Kully works with her clients to help them identify their key strengths, skills and motivations before supporting them to find a new job or identify their career choices.  

Kully was previously a Director for Deloitte and, in addition to her client-facing role, was the Talent Director responsible for Coaching, Training and Recruitment. Utilising her talent and leadership skills, Kully is committed to supporting her clients excel in careers that were truly meant for them!

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