Managing and Advancing Your In-House Career

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DatePosted on August 19, 2021 at 12:12 PM
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As a General Counsel or in-house legal team head, it is crucial to ensure that your team members are not only well-managed but also engaged and motivated. Star Anise is therefore delighted to have hosted a webinar on the topic of “Managing and Advancing Your In-House Career” in May 2021 to the members of the Association of Corporate Counsel Hong Kong.

The webinar was moderated by our co-managing Director, Annie Tang with special guest, Chris O’Dell, Morgan Stanley’s Managing Director and co-General Counsel, Chris O’Dell when they shared some practical tips on how to manage a team of lawyers as well skills to take note of when becoming a people manager.

Annie is a former practising lawyer with extensive in-house legal recruitment experience. She discusses the team needs of General Counsels on a daily basis.

Before becoming a successful legal professional, Chris was in the army for 3 years. Chris believes that the army training shaped him to be a leader so he is not afraid to speak up and follow through.

Here are some bullet points of tips that Chris shared during the discussion:

Managing your in-house team

  • Be aware of your stakeholders (around, above, below as well as those outside of your organisation) and acknowledge that they all matter

  • Communicate and ask what your stakeholders want and care about

  • Show your knowledge and expertise

  • Don’t hide behind the problem but create solutions as “conflict avoidance is the root of all evil”

  • Bring your experience and not just your expertise, as there is always going to be someone more knowledgeable in that area

  • Make decisions for your team and demonstrate your assertiveness

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation! 

– Chris O’ Dell

Progressing in your In-House Legal Career

  • Acquire new skills through reading news, articles and publications in your interest area

  • Work closely with the experts or mentors in your practice area

  • Ask for opportunities as you are responsible for shaping your career

  • Network with people through offline (e.g., F2F) or online (e.g., webinar) channels

A warm thank you to Chris, for taking the time to let aspiring legal professionals know how they can manage others and advance their in-house career and to Annie for moderating this in-house legal leadership webinar.



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