8 Tips for Career Wellbeing

by Annie Tang in Blog

DatePosted on September 13, 2022 at 08:30 AM
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Have you always experienced a purple patch (run of success) whenever you changed jobs but recently discovered that the more experienced you have become, such luck seems to have run out?

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Here are 8 tips on getting back that mojo (or even implementing these when you are fresh to the legal industry and throughout your career):

  1. CONNECT with a trusted recruiter such as Star Anise Limited (Legal and Compliance Recruitment Consultancy) who can mentor you/provide job seeking tips and/or introduce you to prospective employers who are not actively advertising their roles. Mark your diary for a recurring check in with them from time to time
  1. NETWORK with diverse groups/levels to gain leads and opportunities. These can be either legal or non-legal related. It is not unheard of for candidates to find jobs directly through having an informal drink with a hiring manager
  1. MAKE TIME - Much like allocating time for your day job or hobby or even organising your travel plans, you need to block specific times to focus on your job search. You can also utilise that time to update your CV on a regular basis to incorporate current responsibilities, technical skills or certifications gained
  1. LINKEDIN PROFILE - Remember to regularly refresh your profile on LinkedIn since that represents your personal brand. It is surprising how many profiles do not actually stipulate areas of technical expertise or language capability or even location! For eg, our clients may be looking for a Japanese speaking M&A lawyer who is currently based in Hong Kong. It could be a real shame for candidates who fit all these requirements but do not actually specify which areas they specialise in or which languages they speak on their profiles so they may be omitted from consideration in a potentially hot job!

  1. RAISE YOUR PROFILE – conduct and/or attend industry talks and get noticed by prospective peers or employers! Practice public speaking and your confidence levels will increase which will in turn lead to better performance during interviews
  1. Star Anise Leadership and Training (SALT) - talk to us about areas where you can further develop, whether they be enhancing or learning a new technical skill or focusing on your soft skills such as communication, presentation or leadership skills
  1. BE COMMERCIALLY AWARE - keep up to date with business affairs and news so that you are more knowledgeable about commercial affairs during interviews
  1. BE AGILE - some employers, for eg, for budgetary or other reasons, may opt to hire a short term contractor with the view to hiring on a permanent basis so it may be your chance to shine during that contract and be hired permanently thereafter

It is clear that just like with a lavender field, a purple patch needs to be lovingly nurtured! We hope that you will improve your job change prospects through the implementation of these tips! Good luck!

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