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DatePosted on October 14, 2015 at 02:45 PM
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There have been some quite alarming statistics and headlines over the past couple of weeks in relation to working in Hong Kong:

•    On a weekly basis, Hong Kongers average over 50 hours per week, or four more hours of work daily when compared to employees in Paris.

•    Hong Kong has dropped to 72nd among 158 countries in United Nations’ World Happiness Report 2015, down from 64th in 2013 and 46th in 2012.

•    In another recent article, it was revealed in a survey conducted in Hong Kong that a quarter of working persons in Hong Kong show levels of depression and anxiety – 2.5 times above the global average.

If long hours, over nighters, having dinner plans and even holiday plans cancelled due to work commitment comes with the territory (I’m looking at you corporate lawyers!), then it’s time to make the best of your time when you do manage to get out of the office.

Here are some things which my colleagues or I like to do to de-stress or de-tox:

1)    Good old fashioned quality time with family and loved ones.

Time talking to people who are not your boss, colleagues or clients!  

2)    Spending time with your pets

My French bulldog and unofficial Star Anise mascot, Biggie














3) Enjoying good food 

Whether you enjoy cooking for yourself or eating out, Hong Kong is a wonderful and diverse city for eating. The weekend brunches are amazing places to just sit back and have a long lunch with a good book. A personal favourite of mine is Catalunya in Wan Chai.

Anywhere in Asia is 4 hours flight away, try the delicious food in Korea!

4)    Join a cooking class or other course

I had a company bake-off/cooking class making cinnamon rolls and cute Christmas themed biscuits last December which was actually quite relaxing, particularly as we didn’t have to wash up after the mess we made!

 Hong Kong has a wide array of courses from cookery to art or sailing.

5)    Exercise!

You don't necessarily have to be a gym rat and spend 5 hours a week doing spin class or brutal personal training to release those endorphins (a great stress buster).  Consider alternatives, try the great outdoors and do some island hopping, a weekend hike, or explore the beaches and natural side of Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong presents so many unique paths for running and hiking, and the surrounding scenery!

6)    Explore the museums and arts scenes,

Hong Kong is full of performing art venues as well as art museums and cinemas. Concerts are a little tricky as the act of trying to get a ticket for the big global acts can be stressful in itself!

Watching the UK band, Muse, live in concert at the AsiaExpo Centre, Hong Kong

7)    Holidays!

Here are some of my recent and favourite destinations for destressing… 

Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan, spring time.

Riding through the Mongolian mountains.



















Enjoying the Christmas festivities and cheer in the UK

So, what do you like to do to de-stress? 


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