How to make a success of your day

by Annie Tang in Blog

DatePosted on October 10, 2012 at 07:15 PM
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Below are 7 Tips to make you feel good about your day in the office:

1. Set yourself achievable goals every day and week and once you achieve them reward yourself. A pat on your own back is better than no pat at all.

2. Clear the clutter from your in-box. You will be amazed at how clearing email clutter will feel like clearing mental clutter. Prioritise and put things that can wait into to do folders.

3. Set realistic timetables for colleagues and subordinates so that both you and they have expectations.

4. Always go out during lunch times even if you eat in the office. Run some errands, read a magazine or chat with your friends etc. Productivity will follow after a breather or break.

5. Find a way to have a good laugh or to do some exercise during the day. Endorphin levels will be raised and you will be more energised to take on the workload.

6. Make your routine work less routine. Try to sandwich routine work in between more interesting jobs.

7. Stay focused when you are in the office and leave work behind in the office where it belongs.

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