Working as an intern at Star Anise: Nathanael Hon

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DatePosted on November 08, 2022 at 01:51 PM
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ESF Secondary School student, Nathanael Hon, provides some insights into his two-week internship at Star Anise.  


I am a Year 11 student studying at an ESF School. This year, I had the opportunity to undertake a two-week work experience with a local business in Hong Kong. When I started my job searching process, I wanted to find a job that could help me expand my limited knowledge in the Legal field of Hong Kong, and to understand the career options and roles of different legal professionals, to gain more experience about legal career options and the job-hunting process in general.

To help with the job-hunting process, students were given a list of companies/agencies that would be willing to take students in for a two-week period. On the list, Star Anise was listed as a Legal Recruitment agency.

My Work Experience

When I first stepped foot into the office, I was immediately welcomed by Star Anise‚Äôs Co-Managing Director Ms Annie Tang, who showed me around the office and introduced me to the team working at Star Anise. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, despite my nervousness as it was my first time working at an office job. During this time, my main goal was to learn more about the legal field and legal occupations of Hong Kong through this work experience, as well as getting a better idea of what working an office job would be like.

As I had previously expressed interest in both the interview and my cover letter in journaling and writing articles, my work mainly involved writing articles for the Star Anise website about recent happenings and events that the Star Anise team had recently participated in, as well as some research tasks to help me further my knowledge about the legal field of Hong Kong.

While I was working through the articles, I also had the chance to talk a lot with the Star Anise team, learning about the workflow and tasks they each frequent throughout the week, also getting more insight on how Star Anise functions as a legal recruitment agency, before given the task to write a flowchart on how the company operates.

Over the course of the week, Ms Annie Tang and fellow Co-Managing Director Mr Chris Tang also gave presentations, sharing career and goal setting advice, as well as giving a more in-depth look into the legal field of Hong Kong, including the different legal professions, the structure and hierarchy of a law firm, different fields of law, and how to distinguish between different law firms.

L-R: Sophie Abrahams, Nathanael Hon, and Ms Wells, their supervising teacher at ESF School.

I was also impressed by the team who were all laser focused on their work, maintaining high levels of efficiency and professionalism throughout, but patiently answered and explained any question I had about the working process.


The time I spent at Star Anise was a very meaningful experience as it gave me a more in-depth view of the world of work and into the field of law, helping me consider a larger range of fields I may want to pursue in the future based on my skills set and education.

Nathanael and Sophie celebrate the end of their internship with the Star Anise team!

I am of course incredibly grateful to Ms. Annie Tang, Mr. Chris Tang and Star Anise for providing me with the opportunity for this work experience, as well as giving such sound and solid advice on pursuing a career, and also to the rest of the Star Anise Team being as patient as they were.


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