Seoul Searching: staying grounded during COVID-19

by Annie Tang in Blog

DatePosted on August 13, 2020 at 04:05 PM
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Everyone feels grounded right now as the World battles with COVID-19. Whilst there will always be a love of living in the city for its convenience, Hong Kongers also love to escape over a long weekend to visit family and friends, or to explore other cultures, activities, scenery and food.

It has now been 7 months since my last trip out of Hong Kong and counting! Like everyone else, I've adjusted reasonably well because we had little choice. We needed to adapt to the new normal and accept the circumstances and remain positive.

Despite the distance, we are lucky that we can keep connected with family and friends via Zoom video and other video conference apps. I keep having flashbacks of past trips and photo reminders pop up on my social media feed on an almost daily basis. Recently, I've been binge-watching more K-dramas to enjoy watching some amazing scenery remotely and marvel at the K-stars' make up!

If you want to see a bit of Greenland and Iceland then The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is highly recommended! If you'd like to see some parts of India, no problems, try watching Dangal, Lion or Slumdog Millionaire!

Watching international movies is my current back up plan in the place of travel!

Having digressed about travel, I now turn to the other areas where we may feel grounded which is in our job search or in our careers.

Job Search

If you are actively looking for work, this year may have felt like the toughest year to find work. I hear you and feel for you but hang in there. It may seem like a long and arduous uphill journey but try to find other areas to help you pull through this challenge. For eg:

  • learn something new or refresh your skills or knowledge through attending courses
  • build up and diversify your exercise routines (have you tried Bollywood dancing?!)
  • find virtual training and networking opportunities
  • find volunteer opportunities to put your skills to good use 
  • improve your language skills or even learn a new language!

It is important to keep up the socialisation albeit virtually. I can see people looking increasingly exhausted from the lack of socialisation and boredom. If you need to have a chat, reach out to me or anyone in your network. Everyone should have more "time" and be happy to chat nowadays.

Career Advancement

If you are looking for a step up in your career, it may seem like your promotional or advancement prospects have been stalled whilst your organisation is fighting to keep everyones' jobs intact. However, don't fear, your employers/bosses will likely remember and appreciate your contributions!

Further, the downturns or the slumps in the economy are usually the best times to innovate and expand your roles or businesses. We are certainly looking at our own expansion prospects which is exciting. Stay tuned for our further announcements!

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