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DatePosted on May 23, 2016 at 01:44 PM
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If your CV is the best in town, you should slam-dunk a job interview with a prospective employer every single time you apply.  If you don’t, then you need to re-assess your modus operandi and check out the following 5 tips on how to improve your chances of securing a job interview and ultimately, the job itself: 

1.    Stay Connected with your Preferred Recruitment Consultant

In doing so, you get to stay in touch with the “market” to know not only what is available for you or what’s out there generally, but also, what is the most suitable for your circumstances.  Recruitment Consultants are the best people to know the silent matters in a job description, for eg, whether a particular job involves frequent travelling, long hours or weekend work. Reach out to your preferred Recruitment Consultant when you or your friends need to hire for your teams as well since long-term relationship building works both ways and reaps mutual benefits.

2.    Promote Yourself

Writing articles and delivering seminars are excellent ways to raise your profile and increase credibility.  If people have already heard of you and your expertise, your name is more likely to make more of an impression on recommendations to prospective employers.  

3.    Make it a Habit to Network 

Even if you are a natural introvert, you can always build up your confidence through regular internal and external networking.  If you have made an impression on people, they are more likely to think of you if they become aware of openings suitable for your profile. More often than not, a winning personality will make a difference to the job interview outcome.

4.    Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Personal branding is important and that means updating your details on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. For example, if your profile states that you are in a particular role but doesn’t highlight your expertise, achievements or history, then you may miss out on that “hot” or “dream” job.  

5.    Stay Focused

Securing that dream job does take time and patience.  Stay focused on your game (ie continue giving your current role your best commitment/interest) and when your Recruitment Consultant contacts you for a job interview, you will remain engaged and ready to give your best shot at interviews.

'At a glance'

1.    Stay Connected with your Preferred Recruitment Consultant: Staying in an ivory tower has never been the most helpful of solutions.
2.    Promote Yourself: Out of sight does mean out of mind!
3.    Make it a Habit to Network:  Blowing your own trumpet and a winning personality will keep you in mind.
4.    Update Your Linked-In Profile: Don’t miss out on that hot job!
5.    Stay Focused: interviewers can tell within a matter of minutes, if not seconds, whether you are engaged in your current role. 

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