The stigma of redundancy. But is it?

by Chris Tang in Blog

DatePosted on February 11, 2018 at 05:24 PM
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Redundancy. Feels like a dirty word, doesn't it? 

But it’s not. 

Rather, society places too much negativity on this word, focusing more on the person being made redundant than the causes of the redundancies.

If you ever face a redundancy situation, remember this. Your job is being made redundant. Not you. You are still YOU.

Redundancy is never a reflection on you. It’s a reflection on the organisation. They took their eye off the ball, they lacked interest. Maybe they hired the wrong management, were the honest victims of economic circumstances or their competitors did better than them.

But it’s never you.

There is no shame in facing redundancy. You'll get hired, believe me. 

Because I was there, once upon a time. You still have a fully functioning brain, with arms and legs. Nobody has taken your hard earned qualifications and experiences away from you. There are other great organisations who NEED your qualifications, skills and expertise. 

So if this happens to you, take some time out to gather your thoughts, then go out and conquer the world! Move forward with confidence and with your head held high. That’s what the lawyers at Cadwalader and Fried Frank (both top law firms) did when their Hong Kong offices shut down.

And so can you. 

Do you agree?


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