What can you do with a law degree (apart from qualify as a lawyer)? STAR ANISE EXCLUSIVE EVENT

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DatePosted on February 09, 2017 at 02:57 PM
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Something that has always been close to my heart is mentoring younger people, and this started in high school when I was the Head of Boarding, and carried through to my career choice as a recruitment consultant and advisor. So it leaves me somewhat deflated when I meet countless dejected and/or misinformed law students and graduates over the years.

The majority of students of law will have an initial goal of becoming a Hong Kong qualified solicitor, but not all make it due to the pre-requisites of getting a training contract, namely the PCLL. Over the past few years, the PCLL intake is around 650 people annually, meaning an estimated 800-1,200 law graduates (across LLB, mixed degrees and postgrad from local and foreign law schools) will have to come to terms that they may, in the short term, not achieve this goal. On the other hand, there are also plenty of law graduates whom, for various reasons, do not want to pursue this route, yet are unsure of what alternative career paths they can take. 

Life after the lecture theatre. Where to next?

Many are simply unaware that there are many other long term career paths, such as being paralegals (in law firms and in-house), marketing and business development within a law firm, knowledge management, risk and compliance, etc. And unfortunately, most career fairs and other sources of public information are geared towards future lawyers/training contract applicants.

To share some real life experiences, Star Anise Legal is hosting an interactive panel discussion exclusively arranged for final year law graduates who are thinking about what career steps to take after graduating. Our special guest panellists are all law graduates who took a departure from the traditional law career path and have gone on to lead successful and high profile careers. They will be giving candid insight into the experiences, successes and challenges they faced after completing their respective legal degrees.   


Our esteemed panelists give their insights into their careers.



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