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DatePosted on February 03, 2015 at 07:15 PM
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In many articles consisting of career and job interview ‘hacks’ the subject is usually focused on what to say, when to say or how to say something in order to influence others.  But this enlightening TED talk in 2012 from social scientist Amy Cuddy points to something more fundamental and critical to your success, whether it be at the negotiation table, a job interview or in life generally. 

In this talk, Professor Cuddy discusses the power of body language (or non verbal language) in our communication.  Typically, this is discussed in the context of how body language can influence others' perception of us.  

Professor Amy Cuddy TED Talk - shaping your body languageNothing new there, you might think.  

But Professor Cuddy’s essay is based on a rather different proposition. That is, that our body, and how we shape our body, can determine how we think and feel about ourselves, which in terms helps us with our communication with others.  There are, in addition, certain physiological changes that take place and can give you a boost in how you feel when interacting with others when you adopt certain body poses.  In an interview or roundtable negotiation, this can have a very powerful influence on the people sitting opposite you at the table and potentially determine the outcome.  

Each of these elements are discussed in more detail in Amy’s excellent video. Take a look, I truly urge you to take 20 minutes out to watch Amy's emphatic talk, the presentation really is superb (Chinese subtitles are included in this embedded video).   




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