Let's all get artsy! Star Anise go art jamming

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DatePosted on August 11, 2018 at 10:03 AM
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The Star Anise team enjoyed an artsy afternoon at Oscary Art in PMQ for a fun art jamming session, a great team bonding event to wake up our creativity! Everyone was excited to paint their masterpiece and we also discovered some talented artists in the team!

Sharing ideas, opening up a free flow of creativity, and having fun were the aims of today!

This was the first team building activity for some of our recent joiners, Eve Liu (company secretary recruiter) and Bessie Ma (Growth Marketing Assistant).

Eve said, “This is my first team event and it’s fun to spend time outside the office with my new colleagues!” Bessie also added, “I’ve never tried art jamming before and I'm really excited about it. It’s always nice to try something new!” 

Co-Managing Director, Annie Tang said, "We wanted to thank the team for their contributions and efforts to the company so far. We believe incorporating “fun” and team events into our work schedules will provide for a more all rounded and enjoyable experience for our team, we all had such a great time!"

Brief introduction and ready to start!

Getting the measurements right. Left to right: Jennifer Yang, Christy Ho, Jennifer Donnelly

Managing Director, Annie Tang adding fine details to her painting

Precision and perfection! Left to right: Jennifer Donnelly, Christy Ho

Kelly Chao expertly mixing colours for her beautiful piece of artwork

Managing Director, Chris Tang working on his Anpanman painting

Christy Ho is giving off a strong artistic vibe!

Stay focused! Jennifer Donnelly attentively perfecting her masterpiece

Happily sharing ideas with each other!

Jennifer Yang and her colourful Lego Superman!

Big smile and looking very proud! Left to right: Bessie Ma, Eve Liu

Mission accomplished! Left to right: Jennifer Donnelly, Annie Tang

The team showing off their masterpiece!

Oscary Art, PMQ, Soho, Hong Kong: http://www.pmq.org.hk/shop/oscary-art/

For press enquiries, please message our marketing team on our contact form: https://www.staranise.com.hk/contact-us.html 

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