New look website and jobs board launch for Star Anise legal recruitment consultancy

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DatePosted on July 26, 2017 at 12:15 AM
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Top Asia legal recruitment consultants, Star Anise, announced the launch of the new version of its recruitment website and online jobs board on The new design layout of the home page gives more prominence to blogs and articles from Star Anise consultants and guest contributors, including international assignment (tax) expert to US expat executives, Sanjna Melwani, and leading US executive coach to international women lawyers, Lakeshia Ekeigwe.

In addition, the new version includes an upgraded online jobs board containing a powerful search engine to allow candidates to receive highly relevant results of jobs faster and more effectively.

Speaking at the launch, co-Managing Director, Chris Tang, who led the IT project team said, “Our newly designed website signifies the next chapter in Star Anise’s phenomenal progress and we are incredibly proud and excited for this achievement. All thanks go to the development team, consultants and administrative team members who have helped put this together.” 

Mr Tang added, “The new-look home page signifies our 360 view of recruitment. The aim of this project is to show to our readers that we take a comprehensive approach to our recruitment services to include helping candidates navigate an increasingly complex and time consuming job search process. Most job seekers will explore the jobs market every few years, and with the fast pace of the jobs market, it’s inevitable they will need some guidance on the latest recruitment procedures and practices. With excellent blogs and thought leadership articles written by Star Anise team members as well as external writers, our Knowledge Hub is one of our ‘value-add’ selling-points for job seekers wanting to collaborate with us.”   

Where readers will see additional value is in our new look jobs board which will give readers access to the hottest legal, corporate governance and legal support roles on the market. Its simplicity and speed of use will mean an enhanced and more engaging user experience.”

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