Star Anise Christmas Party adds new festive flavour

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DatePosted on January 10, 2017 at 04:45 AM
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Staff at Hong Kong legal recruiters Star Anise had the chance to show their culinary skills when gathering at the company's recent Christmas party.  In the spirit of festive parties past, the focus of the event was on encouraging audience participation and teamwork.  Consultants and administrative team members were split into groups to cook a course for a meal that they would eat together later on.

Below is a selection of photos and thoughts from team members.

"I had the opportunity to join the first Christmas party here at Star Anise. I had a great time making the salad and having dinner with the beautiful green scenery around!" — Maisie Cheng 

"[the Christmas event] gave me an opportunity to visit a Hong Kong traditional farm with fresh and green vegetables. I bought some fresh lettuce which were just cut off from the farm!" — Judy Lui

"I really enjoyed the Christmas event because of the unique setting of the beautiful farm lands of Hong Kong, and also because I got to see the hilarious things that some colleagues would do when let loose in a children's playground!" — Michael Kwan

"Even though I live not too far away, I never noticed the sunset view could be so beautiful." — Firenze Ho

" was a great opportunity to show off my amazing culinary skills. Just kidding. ...... it was a fantastic way for me to meet my new colleagues in an informal setting. Plus I really do love to cook!!— Jennifer Donnelly

"I really enjoyed the Christmas party because of the fresh air, the beautiful sunset, the fun from cooking together and the wonderful meal and time shared with my colleagues!​" — Angel Cheng

Planning is all important

 The kitchen is surrounded by beautiful fields of vegetables.

Consultants Angel and Judy handpicking the vegetables direct to the kitchen.

Preparing the vegetables.

Annie Tang and Jennifer Donnelly preparing the Christmas chocolate log.

Christy helps to prepare the starters

Kelly and Maisie prepare the appetiser crab cakes

The view of the valley is spectacular!

Chris Tang with his team consisting of Kelly and Maisie display the fruits of their labour.

Fresh pumpkin soup

Delicious crab cakes  

A rather spectacular Christmas chocolate log roll!

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