Star Anise Managing Director introduces world leading cancer research experts to Nottingham Trent University alumni.

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DatePosted on June 25, 2015 at 12:15 AM
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23.06.15 — Chris Tang of Star Anise Legal Recruitment welcomed Professor Robert Rees of the John van Geest cancer research centre, Nottingham Trent University, to a full audience of Hong Kong-based NTU alumni and friends.  The event was kindly hosted by leading Hong Kong law firm, Deacons solicitors, with the firm's COO Andrew Keith also being a fellow alumnus. 

Presenting before a lay audience, the discussion on the new approaches to cancer research and how this is making significant and tangible differences to peoples' lives was jointly given by Professor Rees and leading Hong Kong oncology specialist, Dr. Kevin Loh, Kah Tsui of Hong Kong cancer treatment centre Oncare

Star Anise's Chris Tang said, "It was an honour to welcome two such distinguished guests, Professor Rees and Dr Loh to provide a fascinating look into the world of cancer research and treatments, and seeing how technology has enabled treatment methods to come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 to 15 years.  The audience was a little anxious that they might not understand the topic or the terminology but both Bob and Kevin were consummate presenters with their ability to make such complex processes into concepts that we could all understand so easily.  I was truly taken aback how truly engaging the audience quickly became, with so many hands shooting up with their own questions!  The passion of the presenters really stood out for us all and I was so appreciative of their time to educate us.  It's testament to the University that it has such world leading experts in this field." 

Photos of the event and links to the key members of the event are set out below. For further enquiries, please contact Chris Tang on 

Date of publishing: 24 June 2015

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Professor Bob Rees

Dr Kevin Loh of Oncare - presenting to NTU alumni in Hong Kong

Active audience participation at the talk to NTU alumni in Hong Kong

New contacts, new friends at the NTU alumni gathering!

Nottingham Trent Alumni and Friends

Andrew Keith with fellow alumnus, Shirley Chan

Dr Kevin Loh with guests

Star Anise's Regina Kwok with NTU alumnus, Hans Lee

Deacon's Andrew Keith with fellow alumni

(L-R) - Star Anise's Chris Tang, Dr Kevin Loh, Professor Bob Rees and Andrew Keith.


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