When Recruiters Met Custard Cream Buns: Making dim sum at Yum Cha

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DatePosted on February 13, 2018 at 06:30 PM
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Staff at Hong Kong legal and compliance recruitment firm, Star Anise, enjoyed an afternoon together making various Chinese desserts at renowned dim sum restaurant, Yum Cha.  Led by Chef Anthony at the Sheung Wan branch of Yum Cha, team members learned to make egg custard cream buns and chocolate filled and sesame seed covered glutinous balls.   

Recent joiner, Jennifer Yang (compliance recruitment) said, "I really enjoyed today. It was a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues better in a relaxing setting. And we get to eat the fruits of our labour!" 

Assistant Office Manager, Firenze Ho, added, "We were all really excited to join up today and have fun together outside the office. I was so excited to try out the pineapple puff as the third dessert, they were so cute and delicious!"

The team getting ready for the cook off challenge!

Chef Anthony showing the team how it's done

Firenze Ho delicately lays down the buns.

Christy Ho, expertly putting some finishing touches to her dessert masterpiece.

Focus, focus, focus! L-R: Kelly Chao, Michael Kwan, Christy Ho.

Jennifer Yang shows her super culinary skills

Managing Director, Annie Tang, with her custard delights!

Kelly Chao demonstrates a steady hand with her completed dessert.

Putting the finishing touches!

Jennifer Donnelly and Annie Tang flex their cooking muscles!

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