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From Social Media to Winning at Job Interviews, your personal brand will impact every aspect of your legal and professional career. Our coaches can help you in these different areas including:  

Writing Cover Letters that Sell 

Seemingly a simple document, writing cover letters is one of the most challenging processes to job hunting. How doe you write about anything and everything about you condensed into a few paragraphs? The answer is simple. You don't.

Our coaches will provide a consultation with you to understand your work history, your strengths and career goals and will show you how to structure your cover letters individually for each job you apply for. 

CV/Resume Writing

There is always one goal required for a winning CV or resume — to get an invitation to attend an interview. In addition to coaching you to improve your cover letter writing skills, we can also help you draft a well structured, succinct personal brochure of you. We offer both high level reviews and a full CV writing service. 

Enhancing Your Social Media presence, become a LinkedIn Influencer  

There's no doubt about it, enhancing your social media profile and presence generates solid sales leads as well as interest from prospective employers. Winning work in the legal profession is no longer about just 'doing a great job' and having deep personal relationships with clients. It's also about showing to existing and prospective clients that you are able to add value with articles and commentary on social media. And with the changes in the way LinkedIn is run since it got acquired by Microsoft in 2016, this platform is the go to online business networking platform where virtual business can be conducted.   

Transform Job Interviewing Skills that Creates Offers

Our one on one interview skills training will provide you with the tools to take your interviewing skills to another level. Our initial consultation with you includes conducting a mock interview, identifying areas in need of improvements, and following up with feedback and guiding you through small exercises with you to help build up your interview technique, from body language, voice tone and speed, to building charisma and intelligence in your interactions. 


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