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SALT's training will give you the necessary tools and accountability to own your career and take it to the next level.  

Designing and Building Your Career Strategy

Often, when talking about one's career or reaching a cross roads, it lacks purpose (meaning), direction or fulfilment. Your SALT coach will help you focus what elements of your career is lacking and what matters most to you in achieving a fulfilling and prosperous career. Starting with personal development coaching you will undergo an immersive programme that helps give you clarity on the things you need to do to get to each level. 

Mastering Leadership & Management

This series will give you an understanding of the essential ingredients to being a highly effective leader, identifying what type of leader you are, and developing the key managerial skills to help elevate your career to higher new levels.  

Become an Outstanding Team Player 

Working closely your SALT coach and stepping out of the frantic (or static) environment at work, you can focus on what skills or knowledge you need to acquire for optimum team performance. Your coach will hold you responsible for your actions whilst supporting you in your journey of personal growth and development.  

Developing your Career to Partnership in Law Firms

Law firms are geared towards your billing and sharpening your legal technical skills. Yet few firms have a system that truly enables you or develops you into to becoming a successful business person and a legal marketing expert. Our coaches will help you become the master of your career path, and developing the tools and mindset to pave the way to a successful career as a partner in a law firm. 

Carving your Career from Associate or Legal Counsel to General Counsel

Our coaches will help you transition from law firm lawyer to in-house counsel, and set in place goals and tasks, as well as develop and fine tune the skills needed to help you pursue your lifetime ambition to become a Head of Legal or General Counsel. 


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