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Even lawyers and compliance professionals contemplate a change in profession or vocation at some point in their career. Whether that be a switch from law firm to in-house legal or to an entirely different industry altogether, such moves need to be planned and executed with clarity and intention. 

Career Crossroads: going from private practice to in-house or to another industry

Whether you are planning on making the transition from law firm to in-house legal or to another industry, our coaches can help you plan your goals and guide you through that transition. Discover new options and identify the types and classes of roles that are best suited to your strengths. 

Creating an international legal career

Moving from one territory to another is fraught with challenges, barriers to entry, and prevailing market conditions. Undertaking a consultation with a SALT coach will help give you get clarity on what you need to do to sow the seeds of an international legal career, seeking clarity on why you want an international career and what you want to achieve out of it. You will get support on designing a strategy to achieve these goals, identifying your strengths and guiding you on how to sell and market your profile to recruiters and employing organisations, to focusing on any skills or experience gaps that need to be addressed before taking that plunge into the outside world. 

Lawyers Transitioning to the Business Side

For lawyers who already lead an in-house legal career, some will be thinking of how to transition out of the legal function and into the business world. Our consultation process will help you evaluate what your long term goals are, what you wish to achieve for a more fulfilling career, and identify the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. With continued support from your SALT coach, you will be made accountable for your own goals and actions, to ensure you give yourself the biggest chance of success. 


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