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World class legal and finance talent at your fingertips

The Yuzu concept is fresh and simple: to support and enhance the value of your businesses in key strategic areas at the right time and in the right place. Short or long, on location or remote, it’s your choice, all on a flexible retainer basis. 

We bring world class talent to you regardless of industry or size. We specialise in the fields of:

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • C-suite Executives and Non-Executive Directors
  • Company Secretarial
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Legal Support Services

Flexibility x Control x High Impact

We have designed our service with simplicity in mind. That means we will administer your payroll and other employee benefits. Once we understand your needs, we simply provide the most suitable talents.

You will have a dedicated account manager to scope your resourcing challenges, and then to provide you with some bespoke solutions. You will be in the driving seat at all times, as you can determine the location, duration, commencement date, skills set and track record of the consultant(s) for your business. That flexibility enables you to get only what’s most important to you, and the business.

Plugging those skills gaps with the right interim talent will help your business to innovate and reach its goals faster, smoother and with far greater impact. 

A typical story of many organisations

We often see people-based bottlenecks hindering a company’s ability to advance its goals:

Getting the necessary support: 

  • Unexpected shortfalls in headcount (resignations, extended leave, increased interim workload)
  • Lack of permanent headcount approval
  • Deficit in human capital or expertise / knowledge
  • Seasonal or critical relief requiring skilled legal or professional talent
  • Temporary support employees to provide the backbone of support at critical times

Skilled Professionals to Drive Projects

  • Large scale, one-off projects to modernise or restructuring of business operations that lack qualified resource
  • The need for experienced interim C-Suite leadership or a team manager (for example, whilst the organisation undertakes a global long-term recruitment search)
  • An experienced business partner to drive HR, finance, operational or other projects through to successful conclusion
  • Fresh, innovative thinking to design and execute efficient and productive operating processes



Here are just some examples where our talent pool can give you the necessary support:


Our payroll services can be dovetailed seamlessly, either:  

  • as a standalone service where you need support on the administration of remuneration and MPF payments; or 
  • the provision of flexible legally qualified business consultants; or
  • other staffing solutions,

we can streamline this process for you to minimise the financial administration in your organisation.


During phases of high demand or pressure, and at critical stages of your business’s growth, you may need to increase the bandwidth in your legal team or other business functions on a temporary basis.

We offer outsourced skilled and experienced support in business-critical areas at all levels including: 

  • in-house legal
  • key leadership roles (executive, non-executive)
  • senior accounting and finance
  • compliance or regulatory
  • human resources
  • business development and marketing, and 
  • administration/secretarial support.


  • General Counsel: a senior-level lawyer with the experience and gravitas to overhaul or create the company’s in-house legal function and internal processes, to identify critical resource needs and oversee the recruitment of suitable talent in the team and provide training to legal team members
  • Legal Counsels: designing a playbook/guidebook or precedents bank for your legal team to ensure a standard approach to drafting and a more efficient process for negotiating contracts
  • M&A Advisers: assigning a skilled M&A professional (legal or finance) to project manage an M&A or investment deal, from searching targets, negotiating commercial terms, to project managing external legal and professional advisors
  • Chief Compliance Officer: a senior level compliance professional to review internal compliance and risk management processes, and to transform the organisation’s compliance function 
  • CFO: Leading a project to upgrade your accounting and finance systems throughout your office or organisation, or to provide interim leadership solution pending the recruitment of a long-term successor
  • Chief Operations Officer: working closely with the CEO to conduct large scale/global operational review and strategic planning, driving operational efficiencies, assessing and managing operational risks, setting and reporting on key milestones 
  • Business strategy and growth Advisers: trusted senior business advisors with track records working for international consultancies, global banks, or as leaders in multi-national companies to help you redesign your company’s strategy or infrastructure, with purpose and with refreshed values
  • Company Secretary: an experienced company secretary to review and update your group company administration portfolio
  • INED: a must-have for any listed company, either as a permanent or temporary solution to provide independent thought and a critical third eye for the board


The backbone of any business is your support staff, from HR, administration, secretarial, to business development and marketing, IT support or accounting and finance. We can offer talent to manage your teams as an on-going (permanent) or temporary solution.

And with Yuzu’s extensive talent bank, we can offer flexible, tailored resource solutions at any level to fit your business needs with our flexible retainer.

  • Legal Secretary: a legal secretary with experience of working in major law firms or in an in-house legal team specific to the practice area of your need, including corporate (capital markets or M&A/PE), banking and finance, litigation, arbitration, intellectual  property, real estate and conveyancing, business recovery and insolvency, insurance, and general commercial
  • Team Secretarial Manager: a senior level legal secretary with experience of managing teams of legal secretaries, of setting up new teams and designing new schedules to adapt to the business's needs 
  • Interim Business Development & Marketing Manager/Head: to assist with an overhaul in your organisation's business development function, reviewing your company's existing team's operations, designing a new strategy and resource policy, or to oversee a major BD or marketing project that is being rolled out globally 
  • HR, Talent acquisition and Operations Managers, HRO: design operational or business processes to drive efficiency and productivity, or to transform work streams or reporting lines
  • Receptionist, administrative support: in times of heavy business demands, having the additional administrative support will help you focus your key staff to focus on the areas where they are most effective
  • Accounting & Finance Manager: overseeing the implementation of new systems upgrade whilst your permanent account staff maintain daily functional activities 
  • Compensation & Benefits (payroll), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable staff: giving support to a non-domestic business starting-up in the city or trialling a temporary function to evaluate the practical need for a permanent team


Talk to one of our consultants today to see how we can deliver cost-effective skills resources to your organisation. 

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