We live and breathe legal recruitment.   

We never lose sight of our core values. That is why time and again, international law firms, multi-national companies, conglomerates and fast growth companies look to us to collaborate on their hiring needs in Hong Kong and across Asia's major legal and financial markets. 

Below is a summary of our core values:

1. Passionate about legal recruiting

Quite simply, we love what we do! Whether you are job hunting or an employer, our recruiters are always hungry to know more about you and to learn what makes you ‘tick’.  By getting down to the detail and understanding the bigger picture of your team, your organisation or your own personal career goals, we can work together so much more effectively.  

But it’s not done in a mechanical fashion.  At the heart of it, recruitment is all about people and relationship building, and we take great care and pride in what we do. Whilst we strive to produce long term and effective results, we never lose sight of these inherent features. So key to our service levels is providing a service with a human touch.   

2.  Professionalism

Our relationships with our clients and candidates would not be where it is today without mutual trust and respect.  By working in a collaborative, ethical and open manner, whilst maintaining confidentiality, integrity and tactfulness, we develop even stronger foundations for a long lasting and successful relationship.

3. Initiative and innovation

We continually look at ways of improving our service using innovative techniques and technology and hiring the best people to deliver you those exemplary levels of service.  A creative and dynamic approach is often adopted for those ‘hard to reach’ assignments and we have invested in a bespoke website for our audiences, which we love!  

4. Business partners 

It’s not just the delivery but how we deliver our service to you.  Whether we work with you as a client or a candidate we do so by taking a consultative and 'hands on' approach.  That means:  

  • listening to and understanding your needs;
  • providing information in a clear, transparent, and consistent manner;
  • being pro-active in searching candidates and opportunities;
  • offering constructive guidance; and
  • providing timely responses.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Everyone has a responsibility to take care of their environment and the world we live in. Our team take pride in being part of the community at large and continually generate and implement ideas to make positive life contributions.

We contribute towards charitable causes, such as: 

Our directors have presented at two universities in Hong Kong giving CV writing tips and mentoring university students and fellow university alumni to help the next generation of professionals to launch their careers. One of our directors, Annie Tang, has volunteered and helped the Hong Kong Law Society in one of their annual events.  

We actively encourage team members to attend various charitable events and activities, and we have a 'paper-less' policy in an effort to minimise waste in the office.  Further, one of our directors, Chris Tang, is the Hong Kong Alumni Ambassador for Nottingham Trent University