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We provide the education that law schools won't 

Star Anise Leadership and Training (“SALT”) is our specialist legal and compliance training division that focuses on transforming your career. We draw on our accumulated expertise in the legal, compliance and recruitment sectors to support your professional growth and develop the further skills required for a successful career.

As lawyers or compliance professionals, we spend years honing our technical skills in a few selected areas of law or regulations. But precious little time is spent preparing for things (such as business development and generating business) that will help transform your career in a far shorter space of time.

And for law firms, there is little attention spent on helping lawyers develop high impact soft skills that are vital in developing a team culture and a successful business.

At SALT, career growth is a lifelong journey 

Given the increasing demand from clients and job seekers over the years, we have now formulated a career-long continuous learning, training and development course for professionals who work in the legal and compliance industries. 

With this dedicated platform, we provide affordable and flexibly delivered training to partners, associates, trainee solicitors, as well as compliance professionals, company secretaries and legal support professionals, finely tuned to their professions and careers.

We also offer professional legal and compliance training to non-legal professionals that will help everyone to conduct business more effectively in an increasingly complicated regulatory environment.




With our individual training, we can accommodate different learning styles and rates of learning. We deliver our training in a time frame and through a method that suits you.

The SALT difference:

  • Personalised interactive one-to-one or small group training or tailored according to preferred group size

  • Flexible delivery to suit your availability and preferred method

  • Affordable and accessible

  • A holistic approach where technical training is merged with personal growth and development training

  • Train Your Mind:

    • Boost your performance and motivation  

    • Discover or fine-tune your leadership and management skills

  • Create lifelong business relationships and skills

  • Hone and nurture your growth mindset

  • Build resilience and manage stress

  • Create the ultimate life you want to live

  • Raise your technical legal or regulatory skills and making it apply and be relevant in the business world 

Examples of Topics

Branding: From Social Media to Winning at Job Interviews 

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Fast Track to Promotion, Mastering Leadership & Management

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Becoming The Consummate Business Professional

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Switching professions

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Technical and Industry Knowledge Training

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Join a small group of like-minded individuals who embark on the same pursuit of excellence and personal growth.

Learn from others in your group, network, work collaboratively, and give feedback to each to form the ultimate learning and transformative experience. This course provides in-class workshops and offline study and preparation. 

Your coach will provide guidance and a framework from which to nurture that growth, and you will master the skills that you have set out to conquer. Courses and spaces are limited, please enquire on the form below. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation? Fill out our form below.




We have developed SALT content and coaching methods to deliver engaging, actionable and accountable learning:

  • Transform and Enhance Team Performance and Culture

  • Create Empowerment, Ownership and Accountability

  • Increase Happiness, Morale and Engagement  

  • Technical Legal and Regulatory In-house Training, Introductions, Refreshers and Updates

  • Create Higher Profits Through Optimised Performance

  • Customised Courses, Flexibly Delivered (in person or online)

  • If technical topics are required, we can engage other experts and apply for CPD points on your behalf.


  • Transform your Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

  • Become an Outstanding Networker and Relationship Builder

  • Enhance Team Collaboration and Performance

  • Style School: Dressing with Confidence and Style

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Managing Human Capital

  • Optimising Recruitment Skills for Your Team: Interpreting CVs/Resumes, Become a Skilled Job Interviewer

  • Developing Lifelong Mentoring Skills

  • Building Resilience

  • Brand Building and Business Development for Your Business


Our platform draws in experts in different fields of law and regulations. These are just some areas and topics we cover:

  • Data privacy and protection

  • D&I and CSR

  • Hong Kong Law Society rules (ethics, accounting and anti-money laundering)

  • Contract Law

  • Drafting and Negotiation Skills

  • Designing a legal operations system for your business

  • Understanding Finance (for law firms and businesses)

  • Understanding Compliance (KYC, AML, etc)


  • Review, rejuvenate and reinvigorate with customised training courses for your team or organisation 

  • Expert coaching staff for different courses 

  • ‘Mix and match’ training programs incorporating both soft skills and legal or regulatory technical training depending on your training needs 


Talk to one of our consultants today to see how we can deliver cost-effective, transformational training to you or your team.