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Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) is at the heart of Star Anise’s culture and we embrace our corporate citizenship through our community service contributions.

We encourage our employees to work as a team, using their community interests and environmental concerns to lead and participate in different initiatives that address key social and environmental issues.



D&I are also at the core of our values, and our CSR activities enable our team to contribute and enhance their skills and to realise their potential and equip them with different life skills and world views.

The volunteering opportunities we offer help make us an 'Employer of Choice' and reinforce our pledge to satisfy our team’s career aspirations by providing them with learning and leadership opportunities as well equipping them with the ability, strength and willingness to play a key role in the ever-changing and constantly evolving global challenges. 


We care deeply about the communities we do business in. As specialists in the legal and compliance fields, we are actively engaged in fostering a culture of pro bono amongst the profession.

'Pro bono' is short for ‘pro bono public’, which is Latin for the “for the good of the public”, and refers to the obligation on lawyers and legal professionals to provide their services to those in our community who can’t otherwise afford to pay for private legal services.

While lawyers have a professional duty to do pro bono work, at Star Anise the most important reason we support pro bono is to provide benefit to those in our community who are the most poor, marginalised and disadvantaged. The cost of legal services is beyond the reach of many. And we know that lawyers have legal and other skills that are in short supply and are in great need within those communities. Therefore, we strongly encourage all qualified lawyers in Hong Kong to volunteer by providing pro bono services in one form or another.

We support pro bono by actively partnering with charities and not for profit organisations that work in this space, giving practical support to lawyers who have a wish to take on pro bono work. Examples include publishing articles and know-how to improve legal literacy in our community, and connecting lawyers to the wider pro bono community.

Our pro bono related events, resources and know-how can be found on this link

We are very passionate about raising awareness of pro bono legal opportunities to the legal and wider community in Hong Kong.  Apart from working closely with the Associate of Corporate Counsel ( on raising awareness to in-house counsel of pro bono work, we also partner up with Pro Bono HK ( on their provision of legal services to the disadvantaged via their community legal clinics.  In the past, we have also worked with Justice Centre to promote the work they do and to advertise their legal jobs from time to time on our jobs portal.